We stock a range of new and antique violins, violas and cellos, naturally weighted towards instruments made here in the workshop. The list of instruments given is not exhaustive, so if there is a particular instrument or price bracket you are looking for please don’t hesitate to call. A range of student instruments are available on order, and even if we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock we may be able either to source it, or put you in touch with someone in the violin trade that can.

We are in the process of updating our website with new stock – please contact us to see if there are any instruments available in your desired price range.

Violins below £1500

Numerous violins available in this price range, including Chinese violins, a Stainer copy from Luby, Mittenwald and Markneukirchen violins, a Lowendall violin, and a ‘Compagnon’ violin by Laberte et Magnie. Details to follow.

German c.1910  SOLD

An attractively flamed two piece back. The original veneered fingerboard has been replaced with one of solid ebony.

Violins £1500-£3000

C.J.Emmett 2011

Stradivari ‘Cessol’ model, with a vibrant golden-orange varnish.

English c.1960  SOLD

An unlabelled English-made instrument, of good workmanship and materials, oil varnished with a small amount of natural wear and generally in very good condition.

Violins £3000-£5000

Hawkes and Son 1890

A violin made in Mirecourt for the firm Hawkes and Son that would later become Boosey and Hawkes. This violin, labelled as ‘The Concert Violin’, displays all the precision of workmanship and quality of materials seen in the best French work of the time. [Images to follow.]

Graingeot c.1850

This little known maker was working in Mirecourt during the mid-19th century. The body is branded internally with his stamp, although it is possible that the scroll is by a later hand. The tone, however, is rounded and well balanced across the registers. [Images to follow.]

Violins £5000-

C.J.Emmett 2012

Based on the Stradivari ‘Messiah’ model, this instrument has a soft, sweet tone.

C.J.Emmett 2013

Based on the Stradivari ‘Messiah’ model, and the instrument judged by J. and A. Beare to be the best by a British maker in that years test at the Newark School. This instrument has a powerful and rich tone.

C.J.Emmett 2014

An instrument based on the Guarneri ‘del Gesu’ ‘Cannone’ played by Paganini, retaining the shapes and large dimensions of that instrument, but ironing out some of the eccentricities of late ‘del Gesu’ workmanship.

C.J.Emmett 2014

A violin based on the mid-period ‘del Gesu’ instrument known as the ‘Soil,’ its slightly smaller dimensions make it an easy instrument to get around. This instrument has been given an antique finish and boxwood fittings.

C.J.Emmett 2015

A violin based on the Guarneri ‘Il Cannone’ model, with an antiqued finish and boxwood fittings.