Fitting up
A professional set up of your instrument can make a world of difference to the sound you can achieve and the ease and pleasure of playing. A well cut bridge and soundpost, or adjustment to the neck might transform your playing experience.

Sound adjustment
For those seeking a particular sound, or just looking to maximize the potential of their instrument Emmett Violins can advise and work with you on the choice of strings, and precise balance of bridge and soundpost to suit your playing situation and style.

Repair and restoration
Emmett Violins can undertake all forms of repair to violin, viola or cello, be it a straightforward clean and set-up or a complicated restoration requiring grafts and patches. Unfortunately the nature of instrument repair means that it is impossible to give an accurate estimate without a close inspection of the instrument, but a basic reconditioning of an old instrument which would involve cleaning and polishing, truing the fingerboard, fitting new pegs, soundpost and bridge might cost around £250.